RWRunStreak Day 21

Really happy with this - getting my mileage in, even though it’s not always in the long run.  Especially b/c my shoes aren’t the right fit so I can’t do more than 2 miles before I have issues (numb toes, blisters on my right foot).  Thanks to the A/C breaking, can’t buy new shoes for probably another month.  Fortunately, my next run is July 28th with the Military Challenge and a Virtual Half Marathon, so I have a little bit of time to spare.

Another mile down.  In the past 21 days I’ve done 42 miles (I actually started my running streak 2 days before the Runner’s World started) - I am day 23 into a running streak, and I have to say the legs feel good.

Tomorrow I have to drop the car at the shop, and head to the office - 3.5 miles one way.  Unfortunately, I’ll be lugging the laptop so no jog to the office, just a walk… .